This is a stud poker game that allows the player to control two-out-of-three bets wagered. This is an exciting and fun way to play Stud Poker. Players do not play against each other or the dealer.

The game begins by the player placing three equal amount bets in the three designated spots. Each player then receives three cards and the dealer receives two cards. Players are trying to make the best poker hand. Remember, you are not playing against each other or the dealer. After looking at their first three cards, the player may ask for their first bet back or "Let-It-Ride". Then, the dealer's first card is turned over. The player may take the second bet back or "Let-It-Ride". The dealer then turns over their second card and the player turns over their hand. Each player will then be paid according to the payout schedule. At the beginning of the hand, players have the option of playing the bonus. By  placing $1 on the red bonus circle, a player wll receive an extra payout for a pair of tens or higher.


*Proprietary game and trademark used under license from SHFL entertainment, Inc.