EZ Pai Gowplays the same as regular Pai Gow with the exception that it replaces the taking of the commission on every players's winning hand by "barring" one specific Dealer's hand-a Queen High Pai Gow. A Pai Gow is a hand of seven different ranks and which does not contain a straight, a flush or a straight flush in it. It is a hand defined by a high card. If the Dealer's hand is a Pai Gow with the highest card being a Queen, then the player's wager on the base game will be a "push". The appearance of this hand is called the "Queen's Dragon". Customers can optionally make an insurance bet against this particular dealer hand showing.

The Object of the game is to create two poker hands out of the seven-card hand that is dealt: a five card hand a two card hand. The five card hand's value must exceed the two card hand's value. The game uses a total of 53 cards, the standard 52 card plus 1 joker. Whether the jokers is "fully" wild or "semi" wild makes little difference to this game. In the "semi" wild variation, the joker can only be used to complete a straightt a flush or a straight flush. In all other cases, the joker will be considered as an ace. In the fully wild version, the joker can be replace and card not already included in the player's hand and can also be used to complete a five of a kind.

  • The only two card hands are one pair and high cards
  • Five card hands use standard poker hand ranking with one exception: the Hand A-2-3-4-5 is the second strongest straight right after the ace high straight.

Players can be offered the option to place a side bet called the "Queen's Dragon bet"where the bet pays 50 to 1 if the banker gets a Queen high Pai Gow hand and loses in any case.

Players can be offeres the option to place a side bet called the "Dynasty Bonus bet". The Dynasty Bonus bet is a high hand bet against a pay table. See pay table of odds. The option to offer the Envy Bonus pay table is also left at the casino's discretion. to qualify for the Envy Bonus bet. All wagers must be placed before the cards are dealt.

Players may place  a side bet called the "EZ Pai Gow Red/Black bet" where players are betting a "color" majority hand. Players having placed this side bet win if their hand contains at least four cards of the chosen color and will win at a premium rate if every card in their hand is of the chosen color. For purposes of this side bet, the joker counts as neither a black nor a red card. See pay table for odds. All wager must be place before the cards dealt.